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Generations Custom Frame


We offer a black frame for both sizes of our “Generations” photo mat since they are not a standard size mat.

We offer a simple black frame for our “Generations” photo mats. These photo mats are a custom size and you cannot find a standard frame for them in a store. You can have a frame shop make one for you, have a local woodworker make you a custom frame this size (see “Select Size” tab below for sizes) or you can purchase one here on our website.

The frame is 2" wide and made of MDF wood with a black finish. It does not come with glass. If you would like to put glass or plastic over your photo mat, you can go to a local frame shop or home improvement retail store (Home Depot or Lowe’s) and they can cut you a piece that will fit.

In case you want a custom wood frame for any of the My Namesakes mats (11"x 14"; 16" x 20"'; 10" x 24"or 10" x 28" sizes), we recommend Woodworking by Jordo. He made many of the frames you see on this site and they are exceptional in quality.

Our “Generations” frame comes in two sizes:

10x24” (for “Generations” mats with 4, 5 & 6 photo cutouts)

10x28” (for “Generations” mats with 7 & 8 photo cutouts)

Both sizes come in Matte Black.


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